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  • Dayton Educational Article of the Month - Why do Skunks Dig?

Why do Skunks Dig?

Why do Skunks Dig?

Skunks are natural diggers. They are born to be diggers. People like us may wonder why Ohio skunks do digging, what’s the purpose of it and how does it affect us. They dig for a reason. We will find out why.

This is the main reason why skunks do digging. Skunks utilize underground caves year-round for daytime resting, concealing, birthing and raising youthful. Caves are situated under wood and rock heaps, structures, patios, and solid pieces—likewise in rock cleft, ducts, drainpipes, and in standing or fallen empty trees. Skunks may burrow their own caves; however all the more frequently utilize the abandoned tunnels of different Dayton creatures, for example, ground squirrels and marmots. Sanctums are either changeless, or utilized on the other hand with different lairs. Spotted Ohio skunks are magnificent climbers and may utilize an upper room or a storehouse as a lair. Skunks don't sleep; rather, they bring down their body temperature and stay inside their lairs amid amazing cool, stopping the passageway with leaves and grass to protect them from the chilly. Food Search: Skunks dive in gardens and other lush zones; typically a few gaps show up in the same few square yards. At the point when hunting down creepy crawly grubs, Dayton skunks make little gaps 1 to 3 inches in measurement and profound. (Such openings are like those made by Eastern dark squirrels.) Larger gaps in rougher grass may be proof of skunks burrowing for voles or different rodents. Skunks likewise shred logs and uncover homes of wasps and different bugs looking for a supper.

Protect your lawn from skunks
Since Dayton gardens—particularly recently made ones—are frequently vigorously watered, worms and grubs possess territories simply under the turf, drawing in skunks (and raccoons). Skunks tend to burrow 1-to 3-creep profound openings just where a grub is found; raccoons tend to move or shred the grass in their pursuit. The utilization of pesticides to murder worms and grubs is not prescribed as a result of their harmful impact on the earth, individuals, and creatures. To avoid burrowing, set down 1-inch network chicken wire, securing the wire with stakes or overwhelming stones or substantial articles. On the other hand, sprinkle cayenne pepper or a business canine and feline anti-agents accessible at most pet stores or garden focuses—over little regions amid dry weather. Also, avoid feeding Ohio skunks so that they won’t keep on coming back in your Dayton area.

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