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  • Dayton Educational Article of the Month - Do Animals Chew on Water Pipes?

Do Animals Chew on Water Pipes?

Animals chew on water pipes; but definitely not all kinds of water pipes. Water pipes are made of different types of materials. Some chewable, and some others not chewable.

Different kinds of materials used in making water pipes
There are different kinds of materials manufacturers use in manufacturing water pipes. They include:
1) Lead pipes: This use to be a very common material for manufacturing water pipes but it was discovered not to be safe for the health. Using lead water pipes caused lead poisoning which gives rise to still birth, and infant mortality. That notwithstanding, lead water pipes are still used in a lot of places (that discovered a way of controlling the lead poisoning). Animals cannot chew into lead water pipes; it is too hard for them to.
2) Copper pipes: Copper pipes are known for their durability and recyclability. It does not pollute drinking water and is strong; Dayton animals cannot easily chew through it.
3) Polyethylene pipes: These pipes are best for retrofits. They can easily go through the house. They can be gnawed at by animals.
4) Chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC): This kind of material is very close to PVC. It is safe for drinking water made of rigid plastics and can be gnawed on by animals.
5) Polypropylene pipes: These pipes are made of rigid plastics just like the CPVCs. So, they can also be gnawed on by Ohio animals. Now that we know what kind of pipes that can be chewed on, let us proceed to the risks that results from animals chewing on water pipes.

Risks of animals chewing on water pipes
The damages caused by Dayton rodent can be substantial. It might occur gradually or as one big flood. It may be difficult to tell when you have a pipe damage, most especially if the pipes are hidden and the damage is gradual; but there are some signs that can easily show that you have a damaged pipe. You know that you have a damaged pipe if:
1) You notice small amount of water seeping continuously into spaces within the walls causing buildup of toxic molds and rotting of wooden/metal beams.
2) If the pipe is already worn out, it is easy for the pipe to burst when an animal chews on it.
3) Animals chewing on your water pipes is one of many damages caused by having Ohio animals in your house. They can cause other damages like destroying household appliances, ruining the house, and spreading diseases.

How to avoid animals chew on your water pipes
Applying a few preventive measures is a sure way to avoid having your cords being chewed on by Dayton rodents. Here are things you can do to remove and make sure the animals do not come back to chew on your pipes:
1) Trap the animals.
2) Use safe repellants to make them go away.
3) Improve on your hygiene.
4) Call Ohio animal removal.
5) Check around the house to find and seal any openings through which they gain entry into the house.
6) Do not leave your doors/windows open for long hours into the ebenings.

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