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  • Dayton Educational Article of the Month - What Should I do with an Opossum After I Catch it?

What Should I do with an Opossum After I Catch it?

What Should I do with an Opossum After I Catch it?

If you have got Ohio opossums in your Dayton living area or anywhere in the house and you are worried of its existence, you should at once take measures for its trapping and removal. It is not a simple matter to just trap an opossum you have seen in the premises of your Ohio house like in the attic, garden, porch, shed or anywhere else. What you have to do with it after trapping is the real question which needs to be answered. First of all you must know that the opossum which you have caught is a male or female. In case of a female opossum, it must also be having its babies with it anywhere in the house. Therefore in these cases finding out the nest of babies is also important.

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Understanding the situation
After or before catching the Dayton opossum, it is very important to understand the situation. In case of a mother opossum, you should also locate the nest because it would be having the babies as well. Usually the opossums have breeding season in Ohio's spring and summer. Therefore if the mother opossum is caught in these seasons, then it should be made sure that she is not in the breeding or nursing stage. In these situations, it is not recommended to kill it as it might be nursing the young ones. Some people also by mistake consider the other animals as opossums because of minor resemblance. Therefore after you catch the animal and before killing it, make sure it is the opossum.

Setting the trap
Before you start preparing for the capturing of Dayton opossum, it is important that you make sure that trapping and killing the opossum is legal in your state. Usually the large size steel traps are considered suitable for trapping opossums. Setting the trap in the right location is very important. You have to make sure that the trap is set in the place where you have seen the opossum or you know that the animal has made its hideout in the specific location. The trap should be set in the right location and on the flat surface so that it may not wobble. Moreover also make sure that the trap is in the shade so that if the animal is caught in it, it may not have to stay in the sun. Although the opossums can eat all kinds of food, yet the bait selection should be done in such a way that it is the smelly meat-based bait, so that the opossums may e attracted towards the aroma of food.

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